That problem is plenty complex, but there is difference of power in a person's Johrei for other, depending on the honesty with that acts or it accomplishes their dedication work. A lot of times somebody looks kindness; however it is bad in the bottom of the heart; another seem bad; however they have a lot of Makoto and they get excellent results with Johrei that supply. There are cases, especially of older members, which do not get many satisfactory effects in cures, because they are dominated by the vanity or for they interpret in an erroneous way the Teachings. Of another part, Johrei of a recent member, that it was not still 'touched' by the presumption, has more power and it brings extraordinary results, almost always. Another point to which we should be very attentive is the availability for the dedication. There are members seemingly good, but that are not devoted enough. In this case, Johrei that they channel is weak, because God only grants to power to who has deserve. Even it seems an excellent person, if he/she doesn't have praiseworthy, it will never supply a good Johrei. In synthesis, it can be said that is important to observe the results. It is impossible, therefore, to distinguish only through apparent observations, nor to admit the truth without first to accept God as the only expert of the human heart. Only of that way there is possibility to understand each other the divine designs.

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