You may feel warm and comfortable when you pray or Johrei. Particles must be finer than before. It makes you comfortable. It is Love of God.
When you are in such spiritual environment and feel comfortable, you will enjoy health. Of course you may get sick, but be patient and you will be healthy spiritually, mentally, and physically.
Try to forget with the thought that the physical body is a clouded form of material. Rev. Nakahashi says; “When I sat before the alter, I felt a breath of air, a gentle breeze. I felt it God’s life itself. In general air bumps against my body and reflects. But at that moment, I felt air penetrating my body and then going out. I can feel it, ‘Oh, this must be a spirit. I am experiencing now. Thank you, God!’”

This story is not surprising. You know, the body is covered with holes and so is the bone. The breeze passes holes in the body.

When you want to live with the thought that you are going to connect to the divine realm, all you have to do is to try to lift up your spirituality. If your thoughts are only to pursue ordinary benefit, this indicates a lower, undeveloped and primitive spirituality. That is a shame. When one is purified, he or she may feel something divine. You can see beauty in nature, beautiful works of art such as flowers, paintings, and so on.

Such beauty of thought creates gratitude to everything you are given. Such gratitude creates the emotion and the joy of faith in you. Emotion of the soul. If you are not such person, your soul has not yet awakened and is being dominated by materialism. Johrei can shake all souls of humans. You have to focus on this aim. How can you be purified? There is a way to find it. You would know how you have changed spiritually and how your body has changed physically.

Meishu-sama called himself as a spiritual scientist. A scientist observes, and we must also learn to observe things. Try to find if there should be a law. Try to observe how God works in the process of purification given to you. God uses individuals like you as his instrument and allows you to meet miraculous happenings around you. And you can witness it objectively.

Your body is a borrowed one. You are being allowed to use it. Know that His creatures are in perfect existence and participating in the divine program. Now you have entered the 21st century. Take the first step to become a spiritual scientist by following the footsteps of Meishu-sama. As you were told today about breathing with Johrei, you may be allowed to lift up your spirituality and then to find how you can improve it. May you be allowed to stay in a God given spiritual atmosphere as long as you can!

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