THE PRAYER (song & lyrics)




O God, Lord of absolute mercy, we kneel in thanks for your love.
Accept our gratitude for bringing us out of ignorance, and for your patience with our willful ways.

In despair we cursed the world.
We blamed others for our misery.
But your light led us out of suffering and rescued us from death.

You taught us to love and understand each other.
You gave us the power of Johrei to heal our distress.
Your abundant blessings on us, unhappy sinners, never cease.

O God, we, but grains of sand on the shore, give you our boundless thanks.
We offer ourselves, soul and flesh, for the fulfillment of your plan.

Give us your grace and guide us in our mission, so that the whole world may know of your love.


Prayer of Johrei

Prayer of Johrei

God of boundless love, reverently we offer our prayer.
To our teacher you revealed that the time of judgment is near.
In repentance, we remember our sinful acts and ask your forgiveness.

You have made known your will for us, to build on earth your paradise, free from sickness, poverty, and strife.
You revealed to our teacher your command: that we are to build a world of perfect truth, goodness, and beauty, where your will reigns supreme.

In your forgiveness you gave us your grace through the divine light of Johrei to heal the sick and save their lives.
Through the gift of Johrei you revealed to our teacher the path of righteousness for humankind.

For our betrayal of your love for us, for the untold sins we and our forebears have committed through all the ages, we have penitent and humble hearts in acknowledging our wrongdoing.

God of infinite mercy, we beg your forgiveness of our sins and pray that our souls may be purified.
May we, by your grace, be blessed with purity and strength to fulfill our mission.
May we build earthly paradise, and under your protection achieve ultimate union with you.

O God, Lord of the universe, hear our prayer for your blessings and protection.
And if it pleases you, grant peace and happiness to our souls.