When you inhale, try to envision that you are receiving the Divine Light into your whole body, as if your spiritual body was getting filled. By doing so, you are taking spiritual training. It is very important in the initial stage of giving and receiving to think of this. When you exhale, envision that everything that is contaminating your spirit is also leaving your body. After the contamination leaves your spirit, you will be able to absorb the Divine Light you received. In addition to that, air you breathe is God’s life itself. Let me share with you some episode of Meishu-sama.
To help patients heal, Meishu-sama apparently experimented with breathing on them. Please try this. First channel Johrei to the front the receiver (recipient) and then breathe on the back. It’s effective and I’m sure you will see the difference. There must be working with some settle or high level energy in this process. This will help eliminate the spiritual clouds of the receiver (recipient). It will also help change the spiritual atmosphere around the receiver (recipient). The receiver (recipient) may feel better than before. He/she may feel blessed and will be in rapture. Try to think by putting aside the physical body and practice what it is called spiritual exercise. Many exercise by walking, jogging …whatever. How about spiritual exercise or training? Try austerity through breathing while Johrei.

When I see Johrei members, however, most of them misunderstand thinking because Meishu-sama once taught us that anybody can practice Johrei without much training. So most love to practice Johrei, but less care about spiritual training for their own good. Let me give you another example; Meishu-sama loved calligraphies written by Zen priests. He said that they are among the finest works of art in the world. Zen Buddhist Priests are in training for much of their lives, and this manifests in the higher spirituality of their art, which are so spiritually high, it makes one want to bow before them. This is the world of faith.

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