Art of Healing 1

Art of Healing (Process of purification of the spirit and the body)
On September 24
By Rev. Minoru Nakahashi

Today’s poems written by Meishu-sama are about the origin of sickness and how to be healed. We are taught that a human being has not only a physical body but also a spiritual body. A human being has a spiritual reason to exist as well as a physical. In addition to that let me add that our soul is an individualized part of God, so we have a sacred existence. It’s important to be aware of this.

We live a complicated existence because we are connected to the three dimensions of the divine realm, the spiritual realm and the physical realm and it is impossible to tell how influence each realm has on us. It all depends on how we think and act. It is probably right to say that 99% of the time we live and are influenced by the physical realm, while 1 percent by the divine realm. That sounds appropriate.

Sickness is a process of purification process and is just a phenomenon (simply mysterious). The cause lies in the spiritual realm. When your individualized part of God (soul) gets weak or malnourished, you get sick. Most people don’t know about this. We must raise our souls as we resolve to overcome our suffering.

After knowing the origin of sickness and how to deal with it, we don’t have to focus on the physical but we should try to live in accordance with spiritual laws. Yes, it is easy to say but hard to do. All the sufferings you may experience in this world must be resolved. For this, you don’t need the arbitrary distinctions between the three dimensions. You can learn from experiences in your life.

You probably notice that when I speak, I close my eyes. The reason I do so is to refrain from merely looking what I can physically see. While it may be best to open one’s eyes while speaking, we cannot overlook things that can’t be seen. So again, I close my eyes. In that way I feel it possible to dip out the water from the deeper place in the fountain. I hope that you can understand.

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