I wonder if Johrei people in Japan inhale with the idea that universal life energy from the source of light is taken in when they breathe. I wonder if anyone channels the Divine Light through Johrei with this idea as well. Most have ignored this way of thinking.
This is an area we can change ourselves by learning to observe ourselves from a distance. In doing so, we can learn to change ourselves freely. However, people who only focus on physical matters only, tend to believe only in themselves and their own experiences and will only do things they are comfortable with. Because they always look at things from a physical point of view, those kinds of people usually worry too much and lack confidence in what they are doing. Their thinking is materialistic; their spirits are not working and probably dying. So they first have to be purified. Otherwise they are too spiritually clouded. Since spiritual clouds feed germs and cause diseases, physically speaking, if one is purified, they are not affected by diseases and germs.

If you don’t have spiritual clouds, bacteria will not affect you. They will pass through you and seek other people. Sickness will be totally gone. In Kanji, sickness means ‘energy is being sick’. The invisible power of the soul becomes radiant through Johrei and you get well. When the power gets weakened, you get sick as a result. You must have a basic understanding of this. So you need spiritual training as I said.

In the age of darkness, the healing power was weak. Now is the age of light. And you now have breathing and light shared by Meishu-sama. The power now is amazing! It is important for everyone to understand this.

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