There is, in the world, several religion types; some more, other fewer notables, that can be classified as big, averages, or small. All, without exception, are considered superiors and they judge the other inferior. For that reason, they forbid the followers of maintaining contact with the other ones, affirming that are demoniac faiths. Besides, they fear the own God in which they believe and they say that there is not salvation for who divides their faith between two credos. Some religions are, in that aspect, extremely rigorous the such point of their preachers threaten with terrible misfortunes, serious diseases, loss of the own life, or until the death of the whole family, case some of their members manifests the desire to change the other faith. For incredible that it seems, that species of faith, quite common in the venerable and old religions, it still today shows even in the most recent doctrines. We see, like this, that as regards to freedom of thought, there are many points to perfect, therefore they persist rests of feudalism not only in the social and political field, but also in the religious person.

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