When you see people today, they seem to have been enslaved by the material world, like a high-efficiency robot. They don’t care about the work of mind and soul. They probably have not had enough opportunities to lift up their own spirituality in daily life. That causes their spirits (souls) to weaken, become powerless and then get sick. That is, I believe, one of the reasons of illnesses.

Today, I would like to explain how breathing efficiently works together with Johrei in our daily God’s work. We breathe at every moment without thinking much about it. Try to motivate your spiritual body and soul to breathe. I am telling this because the divine light comes from heaven (divine world?), the source of light. To transmit it to others, all you have to do is to become a better instrument of God. When one’s spiritual body gets clouded, it is reflected to the physical and according to a divine law called spiritual precedes the physical, we get sick. In other words, God’s instrument gets tainted.

When one’s spirit is purified, one’s spirituality is uplifted, one’s thoughts will have purified too. When one becomes spiritually clouded through ego and attachments, they are not easily removed. So this is the point (my suggestion).

As we live, we accumulate impurities. Physically, we are cleansed after taking bath or shower. But what about the spiritual side? Along with Johrei, I recommend the following breathing technique to cleanse spiritually.

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