Each one must be quite conscious of what the beauty gratifies not only to you yourself, but also to others and, therefore, it represents the form of virtue. So, the more loudly the level of a civilization, bigger will be the worship devoted to the perfection. It is enough to see, for example, the life of the barbaric people where the rudeness of attitudes always ruled. So, it is possible to affirm that the value of a culture corresponds, in part, to the development of the sense of beauty. From there, then, to be important which men and women take care appropriately of their appearance in order to bring others a pleasant impression. The women, specially, must try to become more and more beautiful. Likewise, the house to be always clean and in order, never allowing the presence of dust or cob-webs, as well as untidy furniture and out of place, the disorder offends the sight, causes ailment and anguish. On the other side, a harmonious environment provides pleasure not alone to the family; I eat also to the visitors, besides the respect and esteem what they all will devour to an owner of the house.

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