Through this sentence, we make a special prayer in that we promised to accomplish the will of God, obeying him the orders (Kannagara); we also asked for the invigoration and the amplification of our soul (Tamatihae masse). That small passage is, actually, the summary that translates Amatsu Norito's essence. Like this, in moments of urgency or in moments of great danger, it can be prayed only that part, short and fast. It is also good to repeat it a lot of times during the day because we will be asking like this that the Light of God involves us so that our soul expands. It seems incredible, but few people have idea that a lot of times the soul is small, doesn't get to enlarge because it is wrapped up in thick clouds. Only after they be eliminated it is that he/she becomes possible the increase of our divine flash, as well as the appearance of conditions so that the breeze of each one of us becomes more compact.

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