The sense of beauty must be cultivated by all the persons so that the nation, the society and the universe receive constructive influences and, as result of the embellishment of the environment, so that they perfect his way of living. It was for this reason because I always ruled my life in accordance with such beginnings. From the childhood I was a lover of the beauty. Even in the times in which it was poor, it used to cultivate flowerbeds of flowers, drew and painted at the moments of rest. Whenever it could, it was visiting museums and exhibitions of art. In the spring I was delighting in the bloomed ones; in the autumn, with the reddish foliages. Today, with the God's grace, I dispose of resources to appreciate the perfection so that he better gratifies me. I can employ, inclusive, the true concept of beauty in the realization of my work in the Divine Work. This is one of the motives for which many persons find my luxurious life. They find my behavior strange, especially when they compare me to founders of ancient religions, who were spreading his doctrines practicing asceticism and suffering deprivations. In fact, those were the time of the Era of the Night, in which the faith was getting confused with an infernal state. Today, however, we are joining the Era of Light, during which the task of the salvation will be prosecuted in a celestial environment. Let's ponder, so, deeply on this truth, so that we can incorporate it to our daily life.

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