When one speak about on spiritual elevation, it is preferable to refer to the Tieshokaku, which means opinion of correct way all the things. The ones who has the developed Tieshokaku, understands, for example, perfectly the Teachings. Naturally, speaking of understanding, I want to say to understand of moment and in all, without distorting them. There are persons who do not manage to catch any parts, who think that, after having read or listening to them, they understood everything, I while returning for house they forget the most important points. It is necessary, so, always to be expanding the Tieshokaku. A reference in order that they know if they have spiritual evolution enough, is the right understanding of the Teachings. So, then, when you will have the highly developed Tieshokaku, they will put right, in an instant, the type of disease of a person, observing, only, the symptoms. So when they will realize that, formerly, they were putting fifty per cent of the cases right and today already they get sixty or seventy it is a sign of what are evolving his Tieshokaku.

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