Teachings of Meishu-sama


To be perfected in the spiritual world, it is necessary, first of all, to surpass your own ego. We can know so, that in the daily life there is nothing more frightening than the ego. In the teachings of the sect Oomoto, we find the next passage: “Even gods have been wandering because of ego. There is no thing more terrible than the ego. So, it is not good to let it be pointed out”. This sentence, which in so simple way defines perfectly the ego, and it let me impressed me and took me to a deep thought. In the same teaching, the next words are also: “The man must be above all simple”. Sentence what I find very right, so for whom, up to now, he heard my words with simplicity, everything runs normally and without stumbling blocks. It is for me much painful to see persons who fail because of his strong ego. To reach the true faith, it is necessary, above all, to surpass the ego itself, to be simple and not tell lies.

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