Johrei by Meishu-sama

Meishu-sama, whose original name was Mokichi Okada, born in District Hashiba, east of Tokyo, capital of Japan (which in turn is located east of Japan, a country in Far East of the Globe) on December 23, 1882 . Meishu Sama was therefore born in the easternmost part of the Earth, a fact that has profound meaning.

From a poor family, Meishu Sama has always been a hard worker. Since little has developed a high artistic sense, a fact that is partly due to his father, because this antiques dealer. Thus Meishu Sama learned early on the importance of the "artistic eye" and vision of the business, including economic aspects.

He devoted himself, therefore, commercial activities and art studies, leading a normal life until age 40 when, after a series of events began to turn to religion, becoming a staunch supporter of religion Oomoto.

In 1926, he began to receive revelations of God, some of the past, present and future of human history, as well as on the great mission that would be exercised by him in the salvation of mankind. From there, it only became aware that he would be chosen by God to fulfill this mission, but also have the power necessary to carry out such an undertaking.

On June 15, 1931, received God's revelation that it was approaching the era of the Day, starting a march of a new civilization, and also able to teach how they can be eliminated around the world, such as the causes of diseases, poverty and conflict, the main sufferings of humanity.

So Meishu Sama devoted himself, putting his whole energy (body and soul) to spread the teachings that were given by God until his ascension to the Divine World, 10 February 1955.

Photo: Meishu-sama (left bar)

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